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Classes for children are $60  per month for 4 one-hour sessions. If your class has a 5th week lesson, an extra $15 will be added to your tuition.

Classes for adults are $60 for 2 two-hour sessions and are held the 1st & 3rd weeks of the month

Tuition is due at the beginning of every month.


Total tuition for the first month would be:

Sewing: $60 + $35 (yearly non-refundable supply fee) +

Project Account $30 = $125


Knitting: $60 (Students will bring and supply their own needles and yarn)


The following months would only be $60, unless there is a 5th week.


Supplies and Project Account Fees:


A Bernina sewing machine and sewing tools are provided for each student during class time.


There is a $35.00 per year non-refundable supply fee. The School supplies pins, scissors, needles, seam rippers, measuring devices, etc. This fee keeps these supplies available for all students.


There is a $30.00 deposit for each student's Project Account. Students use this like a debit account for purchasing project sewing kits, stuffing, elastic, etc. Parents will be notified monthly of the balance on their payment reminder. The Project Account must stay above $10. Students can choose from the Sewing School's selection of fabric for their projects or purchase fabric on their own.


Since all sewing projects are completed in class, it is not necessary for students to own a sewing machine or have access to one at home.


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