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Hello fellow sewists! We are so excited you are here! We thought we would introduce ourselves. We are a mother-daughter team who have been sewing ever since I can remember. In March of 2011, Janette had a wild idea to start a sewing school. Everyone thought she was crazy, including me! You would think I would know by now to listen to my mother! I went along with her dream as we both have a lot to share when it comes to sewing. We have had hundreds of students come through our school and have loved teaching all of these beautiful girls ,women,(and a handful of boys) the love of sewing. 

Janette sewed for an interior decorator for 20 years. I remember coming home from school and sitting on the bean bag in my mom's sewing room and talking about my day. I think I learned to love sewing through osmosis. ;) I have to admit, I didn't love sewing growing up.  Mom taught 4-H and I remember liking it, but I wasn't sold. 

As an adult, I began sewing again when pregnant with my first child. I needed something to supplement our income while my husband finished his schooling, and I found sewing. At first it started out as a job to help out our little family, but soon I was spending every free hour sewing when I discovered quilting. I was obsessed. 

A little about Janette...she loves gardening. Like really loves it!  (She is a Master Gardner!) As soon as those tulips start poking out of the ground, you will find her playing in the dirt. She also loves camping. Janette and Gus are always planning their next adventure! They love taking their fifth wheel, lovingly named "Fatty" and adventuring together. They also love spoiling their 8 grandchildren on Cuzndays and Cuzncations (adventures with grandma & pa and cousins). There is always something new for them to see! 

And a little about me... I have three amazing kids and a wonderful hubby. They keep me busy beyond measure! My oldest has moved out and attending Utah State Univeristy. My middle daughter is constantly singing, working in our fabric shop, or working on her theater parts. And my youngest daughter is forever baking or playing softball. We are so lucky to be in this crazy mess! As for me, if I am not sewing, I am knitting...at the ballpark, waiting for carpool, sitting outside, you get the idea. It helps me stay calm in this busy time of life. You can see some of my stuff in the "Handmade Gifts" tab. Go check it out! 

Our combined love for sewing has truly brought us closer together. We hope that we can share a little bit of our passion with you! 

                                                          Happy Sewing!

                                                                        ~Myra & Janette



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